On File

Building Permits 


Issued to: Bighorn Development, 475 Triple Creek Dr.
Purpose: House
Valuation: $216,000
Contractor: Bighorn Development

Issued to: United Way, 1203 U.S. 2 W. Suite 27
Purpose: Remodel office space
Valuation: $ 3,900
Contractor: Kramer Enterprises

Issued to: Herbert Brown, 1418 Sixth Ave. E.
Purpose: House addition
Valuation: $9,000
Contractor: Wilson/Kintzler Construction

Issued to: First National Properties, LLC, 471 E. Idaho St.
Purpose: Store addition
Valuation: $3,000
Contractor: DC Home Repair

Issued to: Gary and Lynn Havens, 205 Woodland Ave.
Purpose: Attached Garage
Valuation: $54,794
Contractor: Sunburst Construction

Issued to: Gaylene Birky, 35 First Ave. E. PB & J
Purpose: Remodel interior
Valuation: $1,000
Contractor: Albert Johnson (tenant)

Issued to: Subway Wal-Mart LLC, 170 Hutton Ranch Road
Purpose: Restaurant
Valuation: $80,000
Contractor: Henry Carlson Company

Issued to: Whitefish Credit Union, 215 E. Idaho St.
Purpose: Offices modification
Valuation: $19,000
Contractor: Compass Construction

Issued to: Doug and Cheryl Hatton, 138 Owl Creek Trail
Purpose: House
Valuation: $230,000
Contractor: Denman Construction

Issued to: Ron Terry Construction, 118 Flyway
Purpose: House
Valuation: $130,320
Contractor: Ron Terry Construction

Issued to: Wayne and Teri Beatty, 315 Eighth St. E.
Purpose: House remodel
Valuation: $1,000
Contractor: Owner



Issued to: Jeff Bemau, 328 West Seventh Street
Purpose: House
Valuation: $157,600
Contractor: Owner

Issued to: Steve Lyman, 1488 Barkley Lane
Purpose: Remodel/addition
Valuation: $750,000
Contractor: Frontier Builders

Issued to: Jill Gwaltney, 137 S. Prairiesmoke Circle
Purpose: Deck
Valuation: $33,000
Contractor: LaChance Builders

Issued to: Rick Polanski, 134 Miles Ave.
Purpose: Repair water damage
Valuation: $4,100
Contractor: Montana Carpet Cleaning and Restoration

Issued to: Gord McDonald, 300 Bay Point Drive
Purpose: Remodel
Valuation: $40,000
Contractor: David Thiel

Issued to: Douglas Hickok, 920 Birch Point Drive
Purpose: Addition/remodel
Valuation: $56,000
Contractor: Van Der Horst Construction

Issued to: Trails West Realty, 492 East 2nd St.
Purpose: Facade and remodel
Valuation: $135,000
Contractor: Bear Mountain Builders

Issued to: Bozeman Watch, 148 Central Ave.
Purpose: Commercial remodel
Valuation: $30,000
Contractor: Erik Mahaffey




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